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Workplace injuries cost employers billions annually. Workplace safety begins with assessing risks that are both common to your company’s industry and unique to your organization. Using that information allows you to design specific plans of action and to promote a culture of safety for your employees, your business could avoid unnecessary expense and injury.

Here are seven precautions your business can take to ensure employee safety on the job.

How to Keep Your Employees Safe in the Workplace

1- Comprehensive Training: Ensure all employees receive the same training (regardless of job responsibilities) and require all staff to participate on ongoing safety training. This should include understanding of OSHA’s safety data sheets for chemicals.

2- Clean Work Space: As the adage goes, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Clean and tidy work spaces, free of clutter, can help prevent spills, eliminate trip hazards, and avoid electrical risks. Conduct regular inspections to ensure that all staff keep organization a priority.

3- Adequate Equipment: Make sure that equipment and tools that are job-specific are available and regularly serviced. Have protocols in place so employees what to do when equipment malfunctions. As well, emphasize the importance of using safety equipment and gear during routine procedures.

4- Take Regular Breaks: Even if only for few minutes, taking regular breaks to stretch or walk around can help prevent muscle strains and cramps that could eventually lead to injury.

5- Updated Safety Protocols: Make sure safety protocols are readily available, up to date, and regularly reviewed by all employees.

6- Effective Signage: Use signs and labels to alert staff to potential hazards. Both images and words can be effective reminders to staff mindful of safety compliance while they’re on the job.

7- Efficient Reporting Procedures: One part of avoiding potential hazards is by giving employees a streamlined process to report incidences. This information can allow you to identify and modify areas of concern to limit future safety issues.

Do You Have a Plan to Keep Your Employees Safe?

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