American Rescue Plan Benefits

Did you know that American Rescue Plan Benefits End in September?

The American Rescue Plan stayed pandemic unemployment benefits for the past year, and now those benefits are set to expire in mid-September. It’s definitely time for unemployed individuals to launch intensive job-seeking measures; however, there’s no need to panic. The job market is currently saturated with unfilled positions, so, with a little extra effort and persistence, serious job candidates can benefit from the decreased competition for available positions.

Here are some key moves to make when preparing for job hunting after the American Rescue Plan ends.

Update Your Portfolio

For starters, update your resume and research the latest interviewing techniques to keep your professional appeal fresh and relevant. Have a plan for both written and verbal situations to highlight your unique job experience and skills. Make sure to identify and focus on skills that are relevant to each position.

And don’t forget about networking. Update social media accounts, like LinkedIn, so it’s easier for potential employers to verify your work experience and skills. Be sure to tap all your connections both before and during the interview process — which includes friends, family, former coworkers, and professional organizations — making every effort to maneuver employment opportunities.

Expand Your Preferences

If you’ve already been on the job hunt, now might be a good time to expand your search. Consider including additional geographical locations and other trades and fields, both of which can increase your likelihood for employment. And researching recession-proof industries is a good way to find a job and a good way to keep it when the economy takes a hit.

Don’t forget that part-time, temporary, or freelance work can supplement your income while looking for a more permanent position. Investing your energy into non-traditional work might feel counterproductive, but it’ll help keep you ahead of debt collectors and might even turn into a full-time gig.

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