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Seven Questions to Ask Today for a Better Work Day Tomorrow

Have you made self-reflection a daily habit? Asking questions of yourself can help you line up your priorities and motives and set yourself up so you can be productive and effective at work each day. Here are seven questions you can ask yourself to prepare for a great work day tomorrow. 1. What do I… Read More »

Are Your Employees Disappearing? How to Prevent Job Abandonment

Job abandonment is when employees fail to show up for work as scheduled. Instead, they leave the job without giving you any notice or requesting any time off, leaving you in a tough spot – shorthanded with very little notice. These disappearances from jobs have led to the term “ghosting” in the workplace. Sometimes the… Read More »

Servant Leadership: Working for Your Team

Servant leadership is a term coined by Robert Greenleaf in 1970, changing the way we think about leadership in companies. Instead of suggesting employees complete tasks that serve and support their bosses, Greenleaf asserted the boss should support the employees. The boss supports their team with leadership and guidance, empowering team members to take ownership… Read More »

How to Build a Staffing Solution That Grows with Your Business

It’s finally time. Your company is growing and you need to bring on more staff. It’s an exciting and lucrative time for small businesses to be growing. Most will find that as they add new staff, they’ll continue to flourish. However, you still need to make sure you make the right hires and hire in… Read More »

How Do You Choose to Follow Up After an Interview?

Knowing when and how often to follow up after a job interview is a delicate balance. If you do nothing, you’ll seem disinterested. But if you’re calling every hour to get an update, you risk irritating them and you might not get a second interview. So how can you find a good balance? You have… Read More »

What’s the Right Way to Engage an Inconsistent Worker?

Inconsistent employees can be really frustrating! Sometimes you’re ready to pour down accolades and award bonuses for their outstanding achievements, while other times you’re pulling your hair out over their sloppiness and missed deadlines. Not only do you have to charge your team with the task of picking up the slack for them, it’s hard… Read More »

What Do You Do When You Feel Disconnected From Your Work?

When you’re feeling disengaged at work, like your work doesn’t matter, like you lose the desire to go to work each morning, you have to change that – fast! An occasional lull at work is normal. Sometimes it’s just related to your mood, the weather, or a lack of sleep. But if it persists, you… Read More »

Three Ways Engaging Your Employees Benefits Your Business

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and in order for your company to be running at full capacity, you need to make sure your employees are satisfied and engaged. Keeping your employees performing to the best of their ability isn’t as straightforward as repairing a machine. When your staff gets overwhelmed or burnt out,… Read More »

How to Quantify Your Resume When You Don’t Work With Numbers

Crafting the perfect resume is a truly an art form. You have to make your job come alive in a way that proves you added value to your employer. The truth is that verbs, adjectives and fancy adverbs mean are best supplemented by having some hard numbers to back them up. It’s easy to do… Read More »

Five Ways to Put Your Hiring Process on the Fast Track

A lengthy hiring process might seem like a good idea – you’re thoughtful and deliberate, allowing just enough time for the perfect candidate to apply, and making sure every single manager in your company can weigh in on the best candidates – but the truth is that a long process leaves a role in your… Read More »