Sleep Awareness Week: Top Tips for You to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Workplace fatigue is showing up in many industries across the U.S., and it’s responsible for poor job performance and more workplace accidents. Too many workers are not getting the recuperative sleep they need, and more and more of them are dealing with chronic exhaustion.   Working while tired is about the same as working while drunk.… Read More »

Safety Guide: The Value of Creating a Safe Work Environment

Ensuring a safe environment for your employees is an absolute necessity. If nothing else, the federal government requires it under the oversight of OSHA. The cost of workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths is high. Especially when you consider the damage it can do to your public perception. No company wants to be known as a… Read More »

3 Ways to Justify Job Hopping in an Interview

Most hiring managers see job-hopping on a resume and write it off as a red flag. They worry that a job-hopping candidate lacks focus or loyalty, but the truth is that people move from job to job for excellent and legitimate reasons. So, when you’re asked about it in an interview, it’s essential to understand… Read More »

4 Mistakes That Are Easy to Make When You Become a Boss

Bad managers are too familiar and can be devastating to the health of a company. Not only do they make their employees roll their eyes, but they can also stifle their growth and create a toxic work environment. But it’s hard to know when you’re doing it right. Most mistakes are just a series of… Read More »

Do Your Employees Feel Heard?

It’s essential to listen to your employees. They can share innovations and good ideas, keeping them engaged and proactive, and making them feel respected. When your employees feel like they have opportunities to provide feedback and that you listen to them, they’ll be more satisfied at work and morale will be high. But when they… Read More »

Safety 101: Be Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings

One of the simplest ways to ensure safety at work is to be more alert and aware of your surroundings. Be vigilant about procedures and potential dangers that pose a threat to anyone’s safety and plan your actions in case there’s an accident. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re also responsible for the… Read More »

Safety Guide: Take Advantage of Signs and Labels

Safety signs are everywhere. Or at least they should be everywhere. And for a good reason. With a lot of big machinery and many moving parts on a manufacturing floor, there’s a lot that could go wrong. Since there are so many people on and off the floor, a lot of changing of personnel and… Read More »

5 Signs a Company is the Right Fit for You

When you’re searching for jobs, you’re always thinking about how to show off your best self and prove that you’re a good match for the job. But it’s also important to consider whether the job is a good match for you. After all, you don’t want to get three months (or less) in and discover… Read More »

How Can You Help Your Employees Work Towards Their New Year’s Career Goal?

It’s easy to set goals at the start of a new year. But it’s a lot easier to stick with them as they excitement of 2020 fades. We all know people who go head over heels for a new diet or fitness regimen in January only to putter out by mid-February. And career goals can… Read More »

Safety 101: Be an Active Listener in Safety Training 

As a new employee, you probably have to endure hours and hours of training and orientation. Even veteran employees have to sit through an occasional refresher or training update. And some of it may seem tedious and boring, and you might find yourself occasionally tuning out and wondering what’s for lunch. But one piece is… Read More »