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3 Ways to Justify Job Hopping in an Interview

Most hiring managers see job-hopping on a resume and write it off as a red flag. They worry that a job-hopping candidate lacks focus or loyalty, but the truth is that people move from job to job for excellent and legitimate reasons. So, when you’re asked about it in an interview, it’s essential to understand… Read More »

5 Signs a Company is the Right Fit for You

When you’re searching for jobs, you’re always thinking about how to show off your best self and prove that you’re a good match for the job. But it’s also important to consider whether the job is a good match for you. After all, you don’t want to get three months (or less) in and discover… Read More »

Safety 101: Be an Active Listener in Safety Training 

As a new employee, you probably have to endure hours and hours of training and orientation. Even veteran employees have to sit through an occasional refresher or training update. And some of it may seem tedious and boring, and you might find yourself occasionally tuning out and wondering what’s for lunch. But one piece is… Read More »

Safety 101: Don’t Forget to Take a Break

Everyone needs a break now and then. Even if it’s to rest your brain, grab a snack, and chat with your coworkers. It doesn’t make you lazy or unproductive; it makes you smart. Step away from your work and avoid exhaustion. Breaks make workers more alert, productive, focused, and creative. Fatigued workers are more likely… Read More »

Questions to Ask in the Interview to Help Understand Expectation

At the end of every job interview comes a crucial opportunity: when they give you, the interviewee, the chance to ask questions. Many candidates pass up that opportunity, relieved that the hard part’s over, but they’re missing a precious opportunity to set themselves apart from all the other candidates. Potential employers want to see that… Read More »

Safety 101: Why Are Safety Measures Important to Follow?

It’s easy to get lax about safety procedures. After all, you’ve probably performed your duties a million times without an accident. Not to mention that some of your personal protective equipment (PPE) doesn’t fit quite right. But stop. Safety has to be a priority—always. Health and safety are essential, not only for your well-being but also for… Read More »

Dress, Look, and Act the Part On Your Next Interview

So you’ve found your dream job and now you’re going for the interview. The best piece of advice is to be professional. People who demonstrate a certain level of professionalism are more likely to receive job offers, promotions, and raises. And they’re more likely to advance to management roles within a company. But how do you… Read More »

Safety 101: Proper Lifting Techniques to Use 

Lifting heavy objects is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. But you don’t have to be The Rock to ensure that you don’t get hurt while lifting. You simply must make sure that you use the proper techniques, so you don’t pull a muscle, throw something out of alignment or dislodge a disc.… Read More »

Stop Waiting! Stop Procrastination at Work Today!

We all procrastinate. We know what we’re supposed to be doing, but something else is just more appealing. Instagram. Solitaire. Your Facebook feed. Even simply chatting about your weekend with your colleagues. Chances are we’re putting off our work because it’s challenging or tedious or time-consuming. But we’ll pay the price in the end. If… Read More »

5 Steps to Build Trust in Your Workplace

Trust in the workplace is an absolute necessity. If your employees don’t trust you, they won’t work hard to support you. Without trust, your team will lose faith in you and your company’s mission. Eventually, they’ll grow skeptical and resentful and less engaged in their work. To earn trust, you have to follow through with… Read More »