Safety Guide: The Value of Creating a Safe Work Environment

Ensuring a safe environment for your employees is an absolute necessity. If nothing else, the federal government requires it under the oversight of OSHA. The cost of workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths is high. Especially when you consider the damage it can do to your public perception. No company wants to be known as a dangerous place to work. Aside from OSHA, here are six more benefits to creating a safe work environment.  


Minimize Absences  


When your workplace is safe, you won’t have many (or any!) work-related injuries and illnesses. This means your employees will be healthy and physically fit for work, meaning that you won’t have many absences. When workers’ attendance is consistent, they’re able to keep up their momentum and keep churning out your product, and you won’t have to pay wages for workers who aren’t there.   


Keep Employees Loyal  


When your workers aren’t distracted by concerns for their safety all day long, they can concentrate on the quality of their product, and morale will be high. You’ll have more satisfied workers who work harder to produce better products and services. But when workers fear for their well-being, they’re more likely to disengage from work and start looking for jobs elsewhere, somewhere where they can trust they’ll be safe.    


Attract New Employees  


Since you’re doing everything in your power to keep your employees safe, you’ll be considered a better place, and your good reputation as a thoughtful employer will attract new employees any time you have a job opening. Those positive community relations will also pay off as you try to market your product, especially to socially conscious consumers.  


Avoid fines and lawsuits.    


An unsafe workplace can cost you money, too. If OSHA or some other oversight industry finds that your employees or clients and customers are at risk when they’re in your workspace, you’ll be hit with fines. And if someone gets hurt, you’ll be vulnerable in a lawsuit, costing you legal fees, a payout, and an upstanding reputation.  


Optimize productivity levels.  


Not only can your employees concentrate better on their work when they’re not constantly worried about getting hurt, which allows them to be more productive and more efficient, accidents, and injuries waste time. It could take hours or even longer to treat wounds, clean up an accident, and fill out any required paperwork when something bad happens. This means you’ll be paying wages and other overhead costs when no one’s actually working.   


Avoid damages to the equipment.  


Less important than personal injuries and casualties, but still potentially devastating, are the costs you’ll incur when your machines and other equipment are damaged. Presumably, you’ll have to replace repair it, the cost of which may or may not be covered by warranty or insurance, and you’ll have to eat the cost in production losses while you wait for those repairs.  


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