5 Signs a Company is the Right Fit for You

When you’re searching for jobs, you’re always thinking about how to show off your best self and prove that you’re a good match for the job. But it’s also important to consider whether the job is a good match for you. After all, you don’t want to get three months (or less) in and discover that you hate the company—or your boss, or your coworkers, or the mission statement, or the mundane tasks you do every day—all of which make you dread going to work. Instead, you want to be excited to get to work and tackle new challenges. Here are five signs a company is the right fit for you. 


You share values. 

Read over the mission statement on the company’s website. Think about whether you support these values and would be proud to tell your friends and family about them. Will you feel fulfilled at the end of the day, like you’re contributing to the community?  


You fit the culture. 

There are lots of factors that make up a company culture—size, work styles, the level of formality, even just the layout of the workspace. Consider how people dress, how they communicate, and the amount of professionalism that permeates the atmosphere. Do you feel comfortable there? Take any opportunity you can to chat with other employees and decide whether you could work with them. 


The company appreciates its employees. 

Everyone wants to be valued and know that they’re important, so look for evidence that the management appreciates their employees. Is professional development available? Are there opportunities for advancement? Take some time to learn about incentive programs and ask how employees are rewarded or praised for substantial efforts and achievements. Reflect on your hiring process thus far—was your time and individuality respected? If so, there’s a good chance that the company will continue to recognize you after you’re hired. As you’re chatting with other employees, ask about their own experiences there. They might try and paint it with rose-colored glasses, but you can read between the lines.  


You love the job tasks. 

Okay, you probably won’t love every single little task you have to do, but decide whether, overall, this is job description you’re comfortable with overall. Are these things you can do with enthusiasm? Will you be challenged? Can you make valuable contributions to the team? Think about what challenges you might encounter and how you’d handle them. What will success look like for you? Don’t forget to think about how you’ll adjust to the schedule, overtime, and travel.  


You like your manager. 

Of course, your manager likely won’t be there forever, but you must get along with them in the meantime. You don’t have to be best friends, but they should be someone you feel comfortable going to for help, advice, and feedback. 

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