5 Steps to Build Trust in Your Workplace

Trust in the workplace is an absolute necessity. If your employees don’t trust you, they won’t work hard to support you. Without trust, your team will lose faith in you and your company’s mission. Eventually, they’ll grow skeptical and resentful and less engaged in their work. To earn trust, you have to follow through with what you say you’re going to do, be approachable and open to feedback, support your team no matter what, and be respectful of your team’s feelings. Here are five steps you can take to build trust in your workplace.


Be supportive and honest

Your employees will make mistakes, it’s inevitable. They’ll fail and stumble and have setbacks that seem insurmountable. It’s your job to show support and understanding in these trying times and remain sensitive to their feelings. Provide honest feedback even when you know it’ll be difficult for them to hear. If your employees sense you’re sugarcoating the truth, they’ll stop trusting your words.


Listen carefully

It’s important to engage in authentic conversations with your team showing them you’re listening to what they say and you value their opinions. Allow them to ask questions, ask for feedback and advice, and then reply in a significant way. You don’t necessarily have to jump on every suggestion in the suggestion box, but at least validate everyone’s opinions and act on the ones that make sense. Your team needs to feel heard and respected.


Be consistent

Your words must match your actions and your promises have to align with your behavior. It you’re saying one thing and doing another; your team won’t know which is the real you and they certainly can’t trust that. Remember that trust is earned and once it’s lost, it’s very difficult to gain it back.


Lead by example

If you want your employees to behave a certain way, then you need to model that behavior. For example, if you preach about collaboration and communication, then you need to demonstrate that you can collaborate across teams and departments and know how to communicate in various ways — email, verbal communication and to your team in a meeting.

Hold people accountable

Just as you’ll praise your employees when they’re performing well and acknowledge their efforts, you also need to address their mistakes. Create a system that builds accountability into your company culture. Design a system that assesses all your projects and assignments — identifies positives and things to improve or change while planning out any next steps. When your employees know they’ll be evaluated in a fair manner they can rely on, they’ll perform to a higher standard, appreciate the consistency and trust the process.


Your employees need to feel like you’re on their side. They want to be treated fairly and know you respect them and prioritize their professional development just as much as you prioritize your company’s goals. For more tips on building trust in your workplace, check out our website at http://www.icrjobs.com.





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