How to Make a Successful Career Change Across Industries

Succeeding on the job search takes courage and preparation, but changing industries is even more ambitious. But when you’re ready for it – bored by the monotony of your current role or stuck in a dead-end job – you just have to do it. Fortunately, with a solid network of friends and colleagues and some preparation, you can minimize the uncertainty. Here’s how to make a successful career change across industries.

Use Your Network

A brave endeavor is easier if you’re not alone. Find others who have made a similar leap or who are looking to do it themselves. You can learn a lot from their experiences. Reach out to those people and pick their brains. Share ideas, connections, and leads. If you help them, they’ll help you. Consult a career coach and let them guide you. They’re a wealth of knowledge and contacts and will keep you accountable on your journey.

Develop Your Skill Set

Even though you’re aiming for an industry in which you have no experience, you can develop other crucial skills. Any job can teach you about communication, hard work, punctuality, and self-discipline—those valuable skills that are important in any industry. Even better, test out some of the paths you’re interested in.

Reach out to someone you know in a field that intrigues you and ask to shadow them for a few days. Find out if there are internships, temporary jobs, or part-time positions that you could start out in—this is where a career coach or staffing agency might be really helpful. You might get hooked by a really exciting job or you’ll cross something off your list of possibilities. Either way, you’re making progress.

Expand Your Horizons

Keep meeting people and seeking out new opportunities. It’s hard to find “the perfect job” by sticking to job boards. Instead, look for people to point you in the right direction. They might have a friend, colleague or brother-in-law who’s looking to hire, so if you’re upfront and honest about your needs and desires, you’re more likely to come across a rewarding opportunity.

Make a Plan and Take Action

There are a million reasons not to switch careers. It’s risky, especially if you already have a secure salary, but the reality is that staying where you are has even greater risks. If you’re bored, craving more stimulation, or finding yourself uninspired to get up and go to work every day, you’re only hurting yourself by staying where you are.

Find something that really motivates you and excites your passions. Find a job where you’ll be able to grow and learn. People who enjoy their jobs and are happy with their position are more engaged in their work, more ambitious, and more successful.

Find Your Next Step on Your Career Path in Victorville

A career change is a big step, but if you’re stuck in a dead-end job or bored with your current industry, finding a new opportunity may be the best step to take. Looking for a partner in the job search process to help you find that next opportunity? ICR Staffing Services is here to help. Contact ICR Staffing, a leading staffing agency in Victorville, CA today to get started.


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