How to Identify High-Potential Employees

Unemployment is at an all-time low, so when you find a well-qualified candidate you want to hire, you need to act quick as they may be receiving multiple offers for new opportunities. With the increased competition, it can be tough to find a perfect fit for every role in your business. Why not take the time to seek out growth potential in eager candidates who might not have all the experience they need now, but could grow into top performers in time?

Identifying high-potential employees starts with the early stages of the hiring process and extends through interviews. How do you know when you’ve found a quality candidate eager for career growth? A staffing agency in Victorville, CA can help you find these top performers. Following these three steps will help you on the path to finding those high-potential employees that can help your business succeed in 2019.

Determine Their Aptitude and Potential for Growth

First things first, you still need to figure out whether the candidate has the skills needed to work in your company. In addition to simply examining their strengths, abilities and relevant experiences, determine whether they also possess those intangible teamwork and leadership traits. Instead of simply matching them for the opening you currently have, start to envision how that candidate could grow in your company as they learn more and gain more experience.

Do they have the skills necessary to make meaningful contributions? Do they have excellent communication skills? Are they able to work well in a fast-paced environment? Can they take constructive criticism and use it to improve professionally? How do they handle hardship? Are they the type of person who’s constantly seeking to collect feedback and better themselves?

Sometimes, the best way to answer these questions is by conducting thorough in-person interviews and reference checks. Former employers and co-workers can give you some honest insight into a candidate’s growth potential. You could also assign an aptitude test or personality profile as part of the interview if you want to develop a concrete idea of the candidate’s underlying personality.

Find Candidates Who Go Above and Beyond

Those are the candidates you need – workers who will be engaged and driven to achieve more than simply what you hire them to do. Instead of just asking a generic, “where do you see yourself in five years?” question in the interview, ask something more specific. Ask how they would lead a team of five employees. Ask how they would address a specific problem your business is facing.

A high-potential employee has likely thought about all this or has the ability to demonstrate this level of critical thinking. They’re craving the recognition that comes with hard work and are seeking the challenge of greater responsibilities.

Assess Their Dedication

Can you find the candidates who are willing to grow with your company, rather than leave quickly after you invest in their training and development? A high-potential candidate is one who might even have done some research into your business before sitting down for the interview. They’ve researched the role, your company’s mission statement and core values and some relevant news about your industry. Candidates who ask great questions at the end of an interview are showing a look into their approach to work and their potential for growth.

Find the Right People to Drive Your Business Forward

High-potential employees are the ones who will be loyal to your business, taking the training and time you invest in them and returning the favor by becoming your top performers. By searching for more than just the basic job skills in the interview, you can find the employees who are the best fit for your business, both now and in the future. Work with ICR Staffing Services, a full-service staffing agency in Victorville, CA to find the employees you need on either a temporary or direct-hire basis.


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