How to Conduct a Confidential Job Search

Starting a job search while you’re still employed can be complicated territory. You’re anxious about casting a wide net and finding the best opportunity to advance your career, but you also need to maintain a certain amount of discretion and secrecy so your current employer doesn’t find out. If they discover that you’re getting ready to leave, they might speed up the process for you and you’ll find yourself unemployed before you’re ready for it. Here’s how to conduct a confidential job search.

Contact the Job Poster Directly

It might be a little too public to post your resume on career sites and job boards. Instead, craft a resume that’s solid enough to skip over the middleman and get right into the hands of the hiring manager, recruiter or other executive at the company you’re applying to. Use people you trust to build your network until it includes more and more professionals in your industry, increasing the number of direct connections you can make.

Adjust Your Resume for Privacy

If you are going to post your resume on an online job board, remember it’s possible to be seen by someone you don’t want to see it – like your current employer. Instead of listing your name, identify yourself as a confidential candidate and list contact information that also omits your name. Be very careful that your name and title aren’t attached or noted anywhere in the documents you use for your job application.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You need to have a strong online presence when you’re looking to get hired. You want to get noticed by potential employers without tipping off your current employer. Turn off the “broadcast” settings on LinkedIn before your update your profile, which notify your connections of changes to your profile information. Your LinkedIn profile should be written in first person and should convey more of your personality than your actual resume and cover letter. Use your online brand to show off your passions, your defining moments and signature traits, and to project your long-term career goals and ambitions.

Connect with Industry Recruiters

Seek out trusted recruiters who specialize in your industry. Be sure to tell them that you want to keep things confidential. Ask them to give you a heads-up before they submit your resume anywhere and send the recruiter a thank-you note to show that you appreciate their time and having them keep your search confidential.

Provide References Other Than Your Current Employer

Don’t include your current employer or coworkers on your list of references. You should have a variety of professional and personal references who can speak to your past experiences and accomplishments. Try to include coworkers or supervisors from past jobs. Make sure they’re all people you can trust and make them aware before you actually list them on your application. This gives them a chance to gather their thoughts and come up with a few quotes about you.

Running a confidential job search can be beneficial for your career, but it comes with a number of areas that need to be addressed in order to stay confidential. Make sure you are prepared to take the necessary steps to stay confidential and find the new opportunity you’re searching for.

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