How Do You Choose to Follow Up After an Interview?

Knowing when and how often to follow up after a job interview is a delicate balance. If you do nothing, you’ll seem disinterested. But if you’re calling every hour to get an update, you risk irritating them and you might not get a second interview. So how can you find a good balance?

You have to express your enthusiasm for the position without seeming obsessive or desperate. Here are some tips on how to follow up after a job interview.

Send an Email

Typing an email is an easy way to follow up. You can take your time, choose your wording, and edit for typos and funny sounding sentences. You can even draft up your follow-up email before the interview and add to it later recapping what you took away from the meeting.

Many hiring professionals prefer to be contacted via email. It’s quick, concise, and allows them to respond when they’re ready. Send your email within 24 hours of your interview, be sure to say thank you, reiterate your qualifications and mention how excited you are about the position.

Make a Phone Call

Hiring professionals also appreciate a phone call. It’s more personal than sending an email and it gives you the opportunity to mention anything you forgot in the interview. You could also ask follow-up questions and get an immediate reply about where they are in the hiring process.

Phone calls are effective in the days and weeks after an interview to get updates on the hiring process. Aim for early in the morning or late in the afternoon when he’s less likely to be busy in meetings. Be sure to make the phone call in private, so you’re not interrupted by kids, pets, or other background noise. Rehearse what you’re going to say, or even write out a basic script so you don’t forget to mention anything.

Write a Thank-You Note

A thank-you note is a personalized way to cut through the clutter and it might impress the hiring managers with your effort and dedication. Though snail mail isn’t as speedy as an email or phone call, recruiters will appreciate the time you applied in following up. You can use a similar format as the email, thanking the hiring manager, reiterating your skills, and asking any additional questions.

Reach Out on LinkedIn

Connecting with your recruiter via LinkedIn is a great way to make a professional impression. Your profile should contain much of the same information as your resume, but presented in a more compelling format. Sending a quick message over LinkedIn might get you a quicker response than an email, where your message can get buried in an inbox.

Regardless of how you follow up, it is critical to stay in communication with the people you interviewed with. Staying top-of-mind keeps you at the forefront as you pursue new employment. If you’re looking for help landing your next interview in Victorville, CA, contact the team at ICR Staffing Services or apply for a job today.


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