Three Ways Engaging Your Employees Benefits Your Business

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and in order for your company to be running at full capacity, you need to make sure your employees are satisfied and engaged. Keeping your employees performing to the best of their ability isn’t as straightforward as repairing a machine.

When your staff gets overwhelmed or burnt out, it’s important to know what makes them tick and help them get back on track! Here are three ways that engaging your employees benefits your business.

1. Make employees feel valued

When employees feel underappreciated, they start to check out or even look for new jobs. A little recognition makes them feel like they’re making valuable contributions to your company’s mission and keeps them motivated to do their best. This can be as simple as pulling them aside and thanking them for their hard work in private. Even if they haven’t found many successes lately, but you see that they’re trying their best, it’s important to reward that effort. If they hit wall after wall, they start to feel negative and frustrated, without much incentive to keep pushing onward.

You could also commend them publicly, in a staff meeting. Or set up a points system, rewarding the highest points winners with gift cards, lunches, trips, bonuses, or even time off. Based on your business, you can determine which actions earn points, when they expire, and which prizes are appropriate for your employees. A little appreciation can go a long way.

2. Help them find their passion

Sometimes there’s a disconnect between employees and the work they’re expected to perform. This often comes into play when they don’t understand how their responsibilities contribute to the organization as a whole. In other words, they need to feel inspired. They need to know that their work is important, impacting the company’s mission and goals.

Not only does this help them to feel motivated, it makes them feel committed to the company and more likely that they’ll stay with the company. This sense of connection and community can be achieved with increased communication. Encourage your staff to keep ongoing discussions through online forums, learning from one another, giving constructive advice and feedback and showing appreciation when they’ve helped one another.

3. Allow for flexibility

Do your workers need to maintain flexibility in their schedules to take care of their family? Do they have a second job where they need to coordinate schedules? Do they want to work remotely one day a week? If your employees have expressed interest in needing flexibility with their schedules, take the time to inquire a little further. Find out specifically what they’re looking for and what you can reasonably accommodate as a manager. Keep the channels of communication open, listen to what your employees need, and show that you value the time they commit to your company.

A little listening goes a long way when it comes to keeping your employees engaged at work. It doesn’t have to be constant daily communication, but making sure your employees know that you have their best interests at heart goes a long way in helping them feel engaged and excited to come to work. Looking for a staffing solution that works for your business? Contact ICR Staffing Services, a leading staffing agency in Victorville, CA today!


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