ICR Staffing Services offers companies economical alternatives in an uncertain economic time, allowing companies to increase or decrease their staff as needed.  ICR Staffing Services provides quality pre-screened temporary and contract staffing for industrial, manufacturing, mining, clerical, administrative, and technical positions based upon the needs of our clients.  Assignments can range from one day to ongoing, from entry level to executive, and from basic to technical.


Cost-effective:  You can increase your productivity almost immediately by skipping the time-consuming recruiting process and getting someone on the job right away.   ICR Staffing has a large data base of qualified applicants, so we are usually able to respond to your needs within a few hours.

Short-term commitment:  You can use ICR Staffing Service’s temporary employees for as long as you need them.  When your work demand slows down, you may end the assignment.  You won’t have extra staff on your payroll.

Less paperwork:  You will not need to post multiple job listings or deal with a flood of resumes.  ICR Staffing Services screens the applications and resumes for you.  If you would like to see resumes of qualified individuals before they are placed with you, we can forward the documents to you (after we receive their permission.) 

Lower risk:  You do not have to worry about workers’ compensation or unemployment insurance.  ICR Staffing Services is responsible for the workers’ compensation and unemployment claims of its temporary employees.  ICR Staffing Services promotes safety through safety incentives, training and a safety hotline.

Qualified candidates:  You describe the job duties and specific requirements of your organization.  ICR Staffing Services interviews applicants, conducts behavioral and background screens, administers a drug/alcohol test, provides general safety training and MSHA training when appropriate.  Clerical applicants are tested on word processing, typing and spreadsheets.  Applicants can be tested on other software depending upon your needs. We select and assign the temporary employees who will best meet your needs.

Call us today at 760-245-8384 to get our staff working for you. 


Simplicity:  When you are selected* to become a temporary employee of ICR Staffing Services, your single application gives you access to job assignments in several companies.  When one assignment ends, we will try to place you in another assignment.  You do not need to go through the process of re-applying and interviewing for jobs. 

Variety:  As a temporary employee, you have the opportunity to try a variety of assignments at different companies. You will have the chance to meet and work with a diverse group of people.

Flexibility:  Depending upon the available job orders, you are not locked to the same shifts and days of work. You can choose the assignment that fits with your schedule. 

Visit our office to fill out a pre-application packet.

*ICR Staffing Services does not guarantee assignments to all applicants.  ICR Staffing Services bases its selection of temporary employees on how well the skills and qualifications of the applicants match the current and anticipated needs of our clients.







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