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Safety Guide: OSHA Lockout/Tagout

When it comes to big machinery, safety has to be your number one priority. There’s too much at risk—workplace injuries, accidents, and environmental hazards—to ignore the federal safety regulations put in place by OSHA. And that includes hazardous energy. Energy sources that include electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and thermal can be dangerous to workers.… Read More »

Safety Guide: Don’t Let Stubborn Employees Get Away with Bad Habits

There’s at least one in every crowd—someone who ignores the safety rules and does their own thing. They’ll say they don’t have time to enact your safety protocols. Or they don’t like the way the safety equipment feels on their head. Or it impedes their vision. The problem is that safety must be a priority for all… Read More »

8 Ways to Recognize Employee Achievements

If you run a busy office, you might not think you have time to recognize your employees’ achievements, and it might not seem like a big deal to do so, but it is. A little recognition can go a long way. Think employee satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty. Sometimes those intangible rewards, like saying “thank you” or “good job” are… Read More »

Advice for Delivering Bad News to an Employee

One of the most difficult responsibilities of a leader is to deliver bad news. You might have to fire someone, or change their responsibilities without compensating accordingly, or have a heart-to-heart about their lackluster performance. They’re not easy conversations to have. But it’s important to be honest and direct and to prepare what you’re going to say ahead of time. Here’s… Read More »

Eight Icebreakers to Use for Employee Bonding

If you’re not careful, employee-bonding activities can be awkward and cheesy. But a cohesive, congenial staff is important. It strengthens relationships, stimulates better brainstorming, and creates an atmosphere of inclusivity where all personalities and ideas are welcome. And it takes a little more effort than simply asking everyone how they’re doing and sharing a joke… Read More »

The Importance of Encouraging Employees’ Professional Development

There’s a lot of value in making sure your employees have access to professional development. First, a lot of job seekers look for that benefit when they’re interviewing and applying to jobs. Second, continued learning means a long career and many employees will feel more loyal to the company that sponsors their professional development. And… Read More »

What to Do When Employees Won’t Speak Up

Managing employees means dealing with a lot of different personalities each day. Some might be very extroverted and outspoken while others will be quiet and introverted. This can be frustrating if you’re eager for feedback and opinions from your whole team. A good manager can meet all employees where they are, improve on weaknesses, build… Read More »

10 Motivational Quotes to Give Your Team a Boost

Motivational quotes can be really powerful. They won’t speak to everyone at the same time, but an occasional quote or two will get your team fired up and drive them to power through, overcome obstacles and work to get your company to their long-term goals. Here are ten motivational quotes to give your team a… Read More »

Three Tips for Keeping Employees Focused in the Summer Months

Summer is the best! You gotta get to the pool, to the beach, to the lake, there’s no homework or school schedule to follow, just lots of unsupervised outdoor time—and an occasional Netflix marathon on those rainy days. Oh, except you’re not a kid anymore. You’re an adult and you manage a company. Suddenly, summer… Read More »

Four Ways to Get Your Employees Involved in a Workforce Safety Strategy

Happy National Safety Month! Workplace safety is absolutely essential for any organization. Accidents and injuries can be really costly. If an employee gets hurt, it can also be a huge setback for your team’s morale, not to mention bad for your company’s reputation. Prospective job seekers will be frightened away, and your current employees might… Read More »